Keith Flint, The Fire is Out, Charity Single

From: £5.00

Keith Flint the former frontman of The Prodigy touched the hearts of thousands of people around the world with his music and persona. The news of Keith Flints suicide, on 4th March 2019, shook the world but especially his family, friends and local residents. One person impacted by this sudden loss was Adrian Weaver, a close friend of Keith’s and fellow Musician.

After Keith’s funeral, Adrian wrote lyrics that have been turned into a charity single titled “The Fire is Out,” featuring Marcella Detroit of Shakespears Sister, one of Keith’s favorite singers and performers.

Initiative such as this charity single provides us with exactly the kind of opportunity we need to start a conversation with people around mental health and suicide. If you feel you’re in need of additional support with your mental health or you would like to attend suicide awareness training, please visit the services and training section of our website for more information on what we can provide.

All proceeds of the single will go to Mind in West Essex and we’re asking for a £5 donation for the downloadable mp3 and £7 for the CD (limited to 100 copies).