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We know that everyone feels loss differently, so we have different ways to help.


Talking to someone who knows how to listen can help with feelings like sadness, anger, or feeling lost. A counsellor can also give you ideas to help you feel better and deal with life after someone close to you dies.


If you’re feeling lonely or like you’ve lost interest in things you used to enjoy, a friend can be a big help. We can find someone who can spend time with you, either going out or just chatting at home.

Learning about Loss

We can give you information about what happens to your body and your feelings when you’re grieving.

Group Therapy

Talking with other people who are also grieving can be really helpful. A counsellor will be there to help you all talk about your feelings and support each other.

Practical Help

Sometimes you need help with everyday things when you’re dealing with loss. We can help with things like writing letters, sorting out bills, or finding new homes for belongings.

Reading Materials

We have a list of books that might help you feel better. If you can’t buy or borrow one, we can help you get it.


  • Counselling – £45 for each 50-minute session
  • Support Groups – Free
  • Befriending – Free
  • Practical Support – £18 for each 60-minute session

How to Reach Us

You can fill out a form on our website or call us at 01371 876641.