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We understand that everyone’s experience of loss will be different and that therefore we have a range of support opportunities available 

We aim to offer flexible, personalised and cost effective support for people experiencing these difficulties. 


Counselling can give you the opportunity to explore issues such as emotional pain, anger, guilt, and depression with a trained therapist.  It can also help you with acceptance and strategies to coping with life, during the time leading up to and after the death of someone close. 


If you’ve stopped doing things you used to enjoy before your loss and would like some company while you readjust, then we can match a befriender with you. A befriender can go out and about with you, visit you at home or call for a regular chat.

Education about the physical and emotional effects of loss 

We can provide you with information about what the some common physical and emotional experiences of loss might be. 

Coping with Loss and Change Course 

These courses can help you to understand stages of loss, ways to cope and to share your experiences with others in a safe environment 

Group work

Group therapy is a shared therapeutic experience that involves the presence of a trained professional and other group members who are working through their grief.

Group therapy is confidential, and collaborative which focuses on particular concerns shared by group members. The therapist may encourage participants to share their experiences and work on achieving a greater sense of self-awareness and improved understanding to help recovery. 

Having therapy in a group setting may have additional benefits, as it offers a support network and provides opportunity to meet others experiencing similar difficulties. Join our groups here

Practical Support 

A Wellbeing Assistant could help you with some of the practical aspects of coping with loss and change; writing letters to organisations, changing details for utility and phone accounts, ensuring you are getting all the financial help you may be entitled to or helping to sort and share belongings that need a new home.   

Reading Materials 

We are continuing to compile a list of good books and would love to hear from you if you found any particularly helpful. Here is what we have so far.

If you would like to read one of these books but are not in a position to purchase it or borrow it form your local library please give us a call and we will help you with that.

You can also download the useful Mind bereavement support guide here.


  • Counselling – £45 for each 50 minute session
  • Support Groups – Free
  • Befriending – Free 
  • Practical support – £18 for each 60 minute support session

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