We recognise that how we connect has changed, we have all had to adapt and find new ways of staying in touch. The 5 ways to wellbeing includes Connect, so it is important we continue to find ways to look after our wellbeing.

We have put together a timetable of online support groups that cover a range of topics and some more general groups. Click on the group heading to get the time and dates for each meet up.

Joining an online group can be daunting, maybe even a little intimidating, but you will always have at least 1 member of staff present. There are instructions below on how to set up your free account.

These sessions are free, please contact us on 01371 876641 or via email at [email protected] if you have any questions. If you would like to book a place in one of the groups please complete the registration form via the Register for Groups button.

N.B. groups are subject to change

Bereavement Support Groups

Bereavement Group:

Dates: Friday 16th February – 22nd March, 9.30am 

Bereavement, particularly at a time when we are unable to say goodbye in the traditional way can be challenging. Together you will discuss the impact and look at ways to manage as you face this difficult time. 

The sessions will be weekly for approximately 1 hour and will initially be for a 6-week period. The groups have a maximum of 8 participants and will have 2 staff from Mind in West Essex facilitating the groups. 

Men's Peer to Peer Online Support

Men’s Peer to Peer Online Support:

Alternate Thursdays 19:00-20:00 

The sessions will be weekly for approximately 1 hour and is an opportunity for men to come together and support each other and connect. The group is supported by volunteer Max.

Personality Disorder Social Group

Personality Disorder Social Group

Monday – weekly 10.30am-12noon

Our Personality Disorder social group is a relaxed space for anyone who had PD (particularly BPD/EUPD) or traits of. Creating a safe space to share experiences and struggles in an understanding environment. 

Whilst the group is mainly focused on social support there will be opportunities to explore DBT (dialectical behavioural therapy) ideas. 

The group will be lead by Holly who has her own diagnosis of BPD/EUPD. Holly is offering peer support drawing on her own experiences and sharing her achievements made whilst living with the condition. 

We know it can be isolating living with a PD and are providing a space where hopefully, we will reduce that feeling. Sign up today!

Stress and Anxiety Groups

Stress/Anxiety Support Groups:

NEW Dates coming soon –  February 2024

Anxiety is a natural, normal response to a situation in which we feel threatened. If you feel it is having an impact on your day-to-day life these sessions may benefit you. It is important to note that this is not group therapy rather peer to peer support that can be therapeutic in nature.

The sessions will be weekly for approximately 1 hour and will initially be for a 4-week period. The sessions will focus on:

1. Understanding Anxiety 
2. Anxiety and sleep 
3. Different types of anxiety 
4. How to manage to anxiety 

Stress/Anxiety Social Groups:

Tuesdays 10:00-11:00 

The sessions will be weekly for approximately 1 hour and is a continuations of the Support group. The groups have a maximum of 8 participants and will have 1 staff from Mind in West Essex facilitating the group.

Write, Revive and Rebuild

Write, Revive and Rebuild: Creative Writing for Wellbeing

Starting : 22nd February 6-7.30pm

A free six weeks online programme which will guide participants through a variety of exercises using a range of writing techniques to explore the therapeutic uses and benefits of creative writing.

This programme is suitable for all levels where the aim is to engage in the process of imaginative writing to help broaden your personal boundaries of expression and ultimately improve wellbeing.

Each session will last approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes with a ten-minute break. There will be a maximum of 8 participants and the programme will be led by an experienced facilitator.

For further information and to book a place please contact: [email protected]

How to use Zoom

To join the groups you will need to register and also have access to Zoom. This is an online platform that allows us to connect via video. You can download free at Zoom.us. To find out more on how to set up an account with a step-by-step guide visit wikiHow

Meet the facilitators

Holly Deboo

White female with shoulder length brown, wavy hair. Smiling at the camera, wearing a white jumper and black framed glasses.

Vanessa Craft

Niamh Gibson

White female with curly blonde hair. Blue eyes and smiling into the camera, wearing a navy blue round neck top.

Sam Pearson

Sean McDonald