Low Cost Counselling

We’re happy to offer counselling at a price that’s affordable for some people. But before you can get this kind of counselling, one of our experts will have a chat with you on the phone to make sure it’s the right fit for you.

Right now, our low-cost counselling sessions cost £15 for each 50-minute session, and most people come once a week.

The counsellors who provide this low-cost service are either students who are training to become counsellors or volunteers who are new to counselling and working towards getting official recognition. They’re trained by organisations that are accredited for counselling. These student counsellors are in the final year of their training, and they have to do a certain number of practice hours to finish their training. They also have to get a letter from their organisation saying they’re fit to practice.

Our experts will take a look at your referral, and if they think you’re a good match, they’ll pair you up with one of these student or volunteer counsellors who can help you with what you need.

The sessions usually happen face-to-face, but sometimes they might be done over video or the phone.

All of our student and volunteer counsellors follow the rules set out by the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy and have had background checks. They also have regular meetings with our experts to make sure everything’s going well.

We’re here to help you reach your goals through counselling.