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Welcome to our counselling service.

Counselling gives us the opportunity to explore issues past and present that are having an effect on our lives. Our highly qualified therapists have a range of specialities and approaches as we know it is not one size fits all.

Finding the right therapist for you can seem daunting but we are on hand to help you address the issues your are facing with the most appropriate intervention.

Talking Helps, We Listen.

Counselling costs

Individual Counselling and Coaching: £45 for a 50 minute session (including telephone and video sessions)

Couples Counselling: £60 for a 75 minute session

Hypnotherapy: £60 for a 75 minute session

Life Management Skills: £45 for initial 90 minute session and £30 thereafter for each 30 minute session 

Shorter Telephone Therapy: £24 for 30 minute session

Low Cost Counselling: £15 for 50 minute session

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