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We know that right now you will have so much going on: exciting opportunities, exams, enough coursework to make you want to give up, maybe your home life is tricky or busy and if that's not enough your friends are stressing you out just as much as everything else put together... With all that going on sometimes it can mean you have no time to just stop and think about how you look after yourself, to think about YOUR feelings and YOUR thoughts. Thoughts and feelings are also referred to as mental health. We all have it and if we want to get the best out of life it's really important that we all do our best to look after it. Just as going to the gym helps keep you physically fit, talking to people can help to keep you mentally fit, think of it like a talking gym, but with no running - lush.

By the way, did you know that you can get PHYSICAL aches and pains because of problems with your MENTAL health, weird right?

It's usually a really good idea to talk about things to friends, parents, other family members, carers or teachers but we know that this can be hard to do, so we want to try and help you to think about some additional ways that you can look after yourself..........

That's what these pages are for, we want to publish what you need. So if you have any questions or ideas then please contact us so we can get onto it.

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