in West Essex

Reducing Loneliness

The Reducing Loneliness project we deliver is part of an initiative funded by Essex County Council for 18 months to March 2018. 

'We’ve got to look after each other' - Duchess of Cornwall urges public to volunteer to fight loneliness

The initiative aims to find innovative ways to reduce loneliness in our community, and improve health and wellbeing in isolated people across the county. 

If you’ve stopped doing things you used to enjoy, or would like some companionship while you try something new, then we can match a befriender with you and get things going. Our befrienders will visit people at home or call for a regular chat.

If you know someone who might benefit from this service call us on 01371 876641 or email [email protected]

If you would like to request a befriender please complete this form and return to [email protected]

We have been receiving referrals from a wide range of agencies and currently have a recruitment drive for anyone who would like to join us in the rewarding experience of being a befriender, email [email protected]

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