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Poetry for Positivity – Free Course

We are please to announce another Poetry for Positivity course starting on Thursday 16th May at 2pm. The lovely Sam will be taking the 6 week course which will be from 2-4pm at the Uttlesford Community Hub, Great Dunmow.

There is no entry level requirement, it is a case of coming along and letting Sam guide you. So if you would like to take this limited opportunity contact Sam directly on [email protected]

This is an example of the work the produced in Harlow:

A poem written by a member of the Poetry for Positivity Programme. The group were given a line from Brendan Kennelly’s poem, ‘Begin’ which read, ‘Every beginning is a Promise.’ Using this line they were given the opportunity to attempt an acrostic poem (Where the suggested word or line is written vertically down the left-hand side of the page and each line begins with the letters in that order).

Every day, awaken with renewed
Vigor and valor,
Energized by the rising sun to
Right the wrongs of society, and may we all
Yearn to be

Better human beings one day at a time.
Envision a world without injustice, our numbers
Growing one by one, larger,
Into a movement that takes not only self-interests, but
National interests to heart.
Nurture a desire for justice
Into our children that they may strive to ignore the
Negativity the world throws at us,
Generate in them an

Interest to see and be aware of the
Social injustices that exist

And express your love for them, hug them as you stare at the rising sun.

Protect them as they grow, for one day, they may well
Revive in their peers the need to strenuously
Object to government controls over our
Minds and self-being.
Instill belief in a new a
Social justice system which
Empowers the needy and overlooked in society.

C J Nash 08/02/19


Posted on: 12th March 2019

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