in West Essex

Upcoming events

We will be out and about in the community in the coming weeks and would love to meet you.

Often people aren't aware of where we are and sometimes the fear of stimga linked to walking into one of our buildings can be enough to put you off.

We will be taking to the streets and shops on:

Saturday 25th August at the Bushfair Fayre

Sunday 26th August at the Harlow Carnival

Tuesday 28th August at Saffron Walden Waitrose - Bucket Collection

Friday 7th September at Dunmow Tesco - Bucket Collection

Juts a reminder for all the Monday 10th October will be World Suicide Prevention Day and we will be lighting a candle for lives lost to suicide. If you would like to get invovled please light a candle, take a picture and share it on our social media with the hashtag #MiWECandle #WSPD




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