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Why are teenagers so moody?

Resilience and Training Manager Mike Ellen has put together a guide on 'Why Are Teenagers So Awkward'. Here is a quick snippet with the full article downloadable at the bottom. 

Why are teenagers so moody and awkward?

It is so easy for parents or carers to feel frustrated by teenage behaviour as at times teenagers can seem so moody and unpredictable. They do things that seem stupid or reckless for no reason. How often do you ask your teenager why are they doing what they are doing or why are they so moody and they say they don’t know. Parents often say that teenagers must know concluding that teenagers are just being awkward! Well for a lot of the time they really don’t know why they behave as they do or why they are having mood changes. So what is going on in the teenage years?

The incredible teenage brain

In adolescence, some significant brain changes take place. We are born with all of our brain cells (around 100 billion) but very few are connected and apart from survival actions, we are not born knowing how to behave. We learn how to behave from guidance by our main caregivers (usually parents) and from our life experiences. During infancy and childhood, more and more of those brain connections develop as we experience life and similarly the more behaviours are repeated the stronger those connections become. The amount of connections reaches a peak in late childhood...

Download the full article here.

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