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Co-op Community Cause - Support Us

We have been selected as a Co-op Community Cause. Sign up to be a member today and support us as you shop! 

The project benefits the community by making relevant, accessible information and products that relate to good mental health available to the public. 

This will benefit the community by: 

Normalising the issue of mental health for all rather than just for people with a diagnosed illness 

Providing people with ideas & tools to help them understand the effects that stress & anxiety can have on their bodies 

Suggesting practical things that people & the people they live with can do to look after their mental health 

Providing the above right in the heart of the community, in a non mental health setting - this is an essential element to the success of this project. Any members of the community can benefit from it and it will involve Mind staff in production and Co-op branches to display.

So how can you help?

Sign up as a member today for £1 and register Mind in West Essex as your cause. If you live within 15miles of Harlow you will be able to select us but can shop in any Co-op. 

You will receive a membership card and fob that when you use each time you shop we get 1% of Co-op own brand good.

Sign up here.

If you are a member already you can join us here.

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