in West Essex

The Battled Scarred Journey

Kim Wheeler was born at University College Hospital, London in 1954 and was promptly abandoned by his birth mother. He was then taken into care by the local authority and moved south of the Thames to a children’s home in Lewisham, where he spent the next five years. He was eventually fostered and adopted at age six and moved to Pinner. At the age of eleven he was sent away to a boarding school, which he left it at fifteen, with few qualifications.

Over the next thirty years he suffered from several physical injuries, survived meningitis and finally disabled with an incurable spine injury, was ordered to cease all types of manual work. Mental health issues and complete breakdown soon ensued.  

Kim is also a self-taught photographer, a writer of over one hundred published poems and prose, a dog trainer and dog rescuer. He has also learnt to play the guitar, but sadly the sound he makes resembles a horse eating shreddies.

Despite being battle scarred he refuses steadfastly to be beaten by any of the many trials and continues to face daily battles with all the physical pains without complaint. Through the love and the walking of his rescue dogs, attending the gym, and writing, he has found contentment in his varied life that seemed almost unattainable many years ago... 

The Battled Scarred Journey

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