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Sometimes in our lives we can’t make sense of things easily. We don’t know why we think, feel or behave they way we do and wish we could find out.

Hypnosis is a way to relax and become comfortable to begin to explore difficulties and often find the answers to our questions – even when we don’t always know what the question is.

Hypnosis can help us to look at many difficulties – things like our anxieties, fears and phobias, bad habits, eating, sleep, pain or physical health problems. Issues that trouble us can make us feel sad, down, or angry and can even stop us from being confident. Perhaps hypnosis can help.

Hypnosis has its roots in psychology, science and the Arts. How does it work? Maybe the simplest way to look at it is a chance to relax in a safe place and get in touch with our emotions and our own power to heal and understand ourselves better.


Specialist Sessions that require 80 minutes: £50 for each 80 minute session 

Accessing Private Counselling

In order to help you make the best decision for you we have a number of ways that we can support you: 

Ways of accessing the service that’s right for you

  • You can provide us with some details, via a confidential online form (available on the left of this page), as to why you are thinking about counselling at this time and what you hope to achieve. 

Within 48 hours a highly qualified therapist will review and make an assessment of what style of therapy will be most helpful to you based on the information you provide. There is no charge for this option.

We can provide brief telephone advice/ information about options available and how to proceed, please call 01371 876641. There is no charge for this option.

If you are returning to the service and you would like to see the same therapist give us a call on 01371 876641 and we will arrange that with you. There is no charge for this option.

If you are not sure counselling/therapy is for you

  • A telephone consultation can be a really helpful way of exploring further what it is you hope to get out of counselling, the way in which you most like to work and therefore the style of counselling that might be best suited to you.  

Telephone consultation – up to half an hour telephone conversation with a highly qualified therapist the cost of this is £15.00. 

To arrange a telephone consultation please call 01371 876641 or complete the referral form on the left of this page. Consultation will take place within the following 48 hours.

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