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Being a member of Mind in West Essex brings both benefits and responsibilities. 

Our members are important ambassadors for the organisation. Acting in a responsible and sensitive way they support and promote our work across West Essex and are able to gather valuable feedback concerning the services we provide and how we perform them.

We welcome their attendance at any focus groups or workshops that we run and there are various volunteering opportunities. 

Members contribute to the management and general direction of the charity and are able to vote at any of the general meetings that take place.

But possibly the most valuable asset you can bring to us is your own experience.

As a member you will receive

  • Your Mind in West Essex membership card
  • Access to all of our leaflets and service literature 
  • An invitation to the Annual General Meeting
  • Copy of our Annual Report

So if you think you would like to join a growing band of people who are dedicated to really making a difference, to the life opportunities for people with mental health problems in West Essex, then download and complete the form – and we will see you soon!

Membership Form

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