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Get involved to help support people struggling with mental ill-heath

Talking is key to wellbeing, there’s nothing like a good cup of tea and chat to show you care about how someone is feeling.  Showing an interest in a person’s wellbeing has reciprocal benefits for you too!  You never really know someone until you have time to actually listen to what they’re saying.  In the busy world we live in, it’s easy to walk by rather than say hi, how are you?

It’s a chance for everyone to hold a gathering and spend quality time talking to family, friends, neighbours or colleagues.  

We believe that with appropriate support everyone has the ability to take steps that will improve their emotional wellbeing and become emotionally resilient. 

Just talking to someone impartial helped me gain more perspective.

Behind every face is a story, take time to find out, you’ll be surprised what some people are dealing with.

So the idea is simple, spend quality time with people you care about and the icing on the cake is raising vital funds at the same time to maintain the services we provide! 

Talking Tea Parties are your chance to make a difference, raise awareness and myth bust.

Just like physical health, mental ill-health can affect anyone, from young people to the older generation. The stigma that exists around mental health often stops people reaching out for support. Currently 1 in 4 people are struggling with a mental health issue, whether that’s mild anxiety, panic attacks, bereavement, loneliness or severe depression.

As part of our ongoing effort to raise awareness, reduce stigma around mental ill-health and to raise vital resources to maintain services, we need you to sign up today to hold a party at home or in the office. Choose a convenient date that suits you and get brewing!

To receive your Tea Party pack, please email your name, address, contact number and party date to [email protected] or call our admin team on 01371 876641.

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