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Time to Change Employer Pledge

Calling all local employers who want to make mental health a priority in their workplace.

‘95% of employees calling in sick with stress gave a different reason’, that is why Time to Change, organised by Mind in West Essex, want to get all local employers in signing up to the Time to Change pledge, as this is simply something that cannot be ignored. 

We have been given the opportunity to run this project, due to the kind support and endorsement by Uttlesford District Council and the Health and Wellbeing Board. 

The process is simple – all we need is your time, and commitment to ensure everyone in your workplace feels safe and supported, when it comes to talking about their mental health. We would need to visit you to run you through the programme, and then support you through the construction of your action plans. We will then work with TTC to get them perfected, all ready for our celebration on the 10th October. 

We are able to provide FREE mental health training, as part of this programme, delivered by Mind in West Essex. Therefore, it makes great sense of all local employers to get involved, and join T Reed & Son, Waitrose, CVSU and Uttlesford District Council in making a stand in the reduction, and hopefully removal, of mental health stigma in the workplace and beyond. 

What we want to achieve by the end of the project – which will be celebrated with an event on World Mental Health Day – is to have a number of local employers who feel that they have the tools, and skills in place to be a thriving, happy and healthy place for people to work in, as a result of the action plans being both sustainable and realistic.  

Get involved

If you would be interested or know any employers in the Uttlesford area who would be interested please leave your details below:

Please see more information about Time to Change and the Employer pledge project here - 


Here is what CVSU had to say about the project – 

‘As an organisation, we know that our staff are our greatest resource and we are committed to ensuring that everyone is looked after, treated fairly and respected. However, we also aware that with increasing demands upon everyone’s time, it can be easy to miss issues relating to good mental health.

That is why we are pleased to be signing up to “Time to Change”. We want to ensure that monitoring mental health and wellbeing, is incorporated into all that we do.

We are being supported by Mind in West Essex, to create an action plan which will allow us to deliver Our Pledge, “To take mental health seriously – and support staff without prejudice” 

   with us