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Learning is for everyone and learning is for life. It helps people feel that anything is possible. It can be life-enhancing and life-changing – improving health, self-confidence and creating positive changes that ripple out from individuals to communities. A range of learning opportunities provided by the Workers Educational Association are available at Mind in West Essex – news of upcoming courses and learning opportunities are on the home page news feed. 

The Workers Educational Association have a special mission to reach those who want to improve their lives and communities. Education is a beautiful and powerful tool for tackling economic and social disadvantage because it raises aspirations and helps people create their own change

Here are some of the course choices that will be available:  English and maths functional skills, self-defence, personal development and health, introduction to ICT, first step first aid, and more……

A better world – equal, democratic and just; through adult education the WEA challenges and inspires individuals, communities and society.