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This course gives a great introduction to understanding emotions and their functions plus the impact of thoughts on how we feel and behave. As well as this understanding, the course looks at some ways to make changes for the better. If you want to know more about your own and others’ mental health, this course is for you. 

Course content: 

  • Introduce emotional intelligence and outline the characteristics and triggers of emotions
  • Introduce resilience and explain what it is
  • Introduce techniques for building resilience
  • Explore thinking patterns, and identify what can be helpful and unhelpful
  • Introduce mindfulness and explain what it is
  • Explore the Five Ways to Wellbeing. 

This course will be delivered with slides and group activities to provide an interesting learning experience.


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Course duration 3 Hours 1  Day
Member of public /School/Charity Individual £ 50 125
Individual £
60 150
School/Charity – group 12-16 £ 600 1500 

 Business – group 12-16 £  720  1800