in West Essex


Sarva was amazing. She supported me during MAC [Multi Agency Centre] and gave me some advice to help me with my housing. She also gave me a few options for other support. Made sure I applied for things I didn't know I could get and introduced me to Essex libraries classes. I couldnt ask for more.

S. Fry

Family therapy came at a time when things were really bad at home. Coming to Mind regularly enabled all of us to have the space and time to listen to one another in a supportive way. It has been a valuable space and experience. We now have a greater understanding of things and are working on improving our family life.


A befriender is very helpful because you can talk to them about things and it will not go any further. It also helps you when you are a bit down and they are there to help to lift your mood. My befriender is very good and a lovely thoughtful person, she understands me and helps me in times of need. She is always there if I feel down or have a problem.


Came away the person that I wanted to be positive and a clear mind, happy.


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