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Managing Mental Health in the Workplace

Mental health and wellbeing has long been an overlooked part of the workplace, but with so many days being lost to poor mental health (or ‘stress’ as it usually gets labelled) more employers are now looking to see what support they can provide.  However, employers are often not sure what workplace wellbeing is and what they can do to train staff to provide support.

This course is aimed at all levels of management from CEOs to Line Managers and is also of value to HR staff. The aim of the course is to give a general understanding of mental health and mental illness and to equip managers with skills to support staff plus a review of current legislation.

Course content:

  • Describe what we mean by good and poor mental health 
  • Recognise the common signs of stress and poor mental health at work 
  • Identify key elements of good practice when managing mental health in the workplace 
  • Describe the role of the manager in managing staff’s mental health and wellbeing 
  • Describe practical management skills for managing mental health in the workplace 

The course is interactive and will be delivered as a combination of slides and a variety of group activities. 


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Course duration 3 Hours 1  Day
Member of public /School/Charity Individual 50 125
60 150
School/Charity - group 12-16 600


 Business - group 12-16  720  1800

    Feedback from recent courses:

    “This workshop will help our team managers enormously to deal with this difficult topic”

    “Very helpful for dialogue to be used when speaking to staff with mental health issues”

    “It was my first mental health awareness training which opened my eyes on the importance on managing the wellbeing of employees to minimize the risk of them developing a mental health disorder”

    “The case studies - brought life to the theory”

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